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Glorify God. Impacting our Community.


Our vision is to glorify God and make a profound impact on our community. We believe that everything we do should reflect the character and love of God, and through our actions, we strive to bring glory to His name.

We are committed to creating a community that is rooted in faith, unity, and compassion. We seek to foster an environment where individuals can experience the transforming power of God's love and find support, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

Our mission extends beyond the walls of our organization, as we actively seek opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our community, whether it be through providing practical assistance, offering a listening ear, or promoting social justice initiatives.

Through our various programs, projects, and outreach efforts, we aim to bring hope, healing, and restoration to individuals and families in need. By embodying the teachings of Christ and demonstrating His love in action, we aspire to be a beacon of light in our community, inspiring others to follow Christ and a path of love, compassion, and service.

Ultimately, our vision is to see lives transformed, relationships restored, and our community flourishing as a result of our commitment to glorify God and impact the lives of those around us.


Immanuel Lutheran Church and  has a very interesting history dating back 160 years.


In 1852, fifteen students began taking a few classes out of the home of a teacher.  Later that year, a school was built and six years later Immanuel's congregation was formed. By the early 1900’s, Immanuel had grown to a congregation of 125 families, became a voting member in the Missouri Synod, dedicated a cemetery and instituted English services which had previously been in German. In 1954 the congregation approved the building of a modern school and later that year, dedicated the building.  


Over the next fifty years, the church burned down, a new church was constructed and attached to the current school.  The original school building was moved across the street and now sits in the Prairie of Westchester.  The original school house is the center for the Save the Prairie Project and is utilized for lectures, tours, exhibits and gatherings.  The second school building (Old School House) still sits in the original location on Cermak and is the center for the Old Schoolhouse Community Garden. 


Today Immanuel Lutheran Church and Immanuel Christian Academy are connected by more than beams and a prayer garden.  The school flourishes due to the dedication of Immanuel’s congregation.  Their time, talents and donations aid in the successful education and rich spiritual growth of Immanuel’s school children.   



The Bible is the true Word of God


The Bible shows us our sins and shows there are consequences to our sins


The Bible shows us God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ and how we are restored into a right relationship with God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus


The Bible shows us that there is only one true God, who manifests himself in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit


The Bible shows us that there is only one way to salvation and eternal life and that is through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior


We accept the Sacrament of Holy Baptism as a means of grace and that the Holy Spirit comes to reside in the baptized person


We accept the Sacrament of Holy Communion as a means of grace whereby we are assured of the forgiveness of our sins, promised eternal life and strengthened in our faith. We believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in communion in, with and under the bread and the wine


We accept the common statements of belief, known as the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed


We find that the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church are a true exposition of Biblical Truth and so we walk together with the congregations of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod


That sharing the the Gospel is the personal responsibility of every believer


That we are to follow the commands of Jesus Christ: 


  • To Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind (Mt22:37)

  • To Love your neighbor as yourself (Mt22:39)

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